Jeny Smith | Exciting news about greywater systems in San Francisco!
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Exciting news about greywater systems in San Francisco!

greywaterThere is a new greywater resource available from the San Francisco Public Utility Commission!

The San Francisco Graywater Design Manual is available to be downloaded here:

In it are step-by-step instructions for building a laundry to landscape system and general info on other systems, irrigation with greywater, sample operation and maintenance manuals, and more! This manual is in draft form, so please read and use it and submit your comments so it can be improved upon.

You can also apply to be part of a laundry to landscape pilot study and receive free training and parts to build your system if you live in San Francisco, see the website listed above for details.

There is also a great article and video out in Metropolis Mag by some journalism students who did a workshop with Greywater Action.