Jeny Smith | Homes are flying off the market in SF and the greater Bay Area
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Homes are flying off the market in SF and the greater Bay Area

SFGate recently published a report that said homes are selling faster in the Bay Area than anywhere else in the nation. That doesn’t mean that all homes are selling. For example, homes at the higher end of the market will take longer to sell. But well-priced homes in good condition in generally good locations are selling – and selling fast.

San Francisco, as you might expect, tops the list. Followed by San Jose, Oakland, San Diego, Orange County and Seattle, in that order. It’s interesting to note that among the 100 largest U.S. metros, 8 of the 10 fastest-moving housing markets are in California.

How fast is fast? Consider this: Out of all the homes listed in February, 2015, only 30% of homes for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area are still on the market this April, vs. 70% of homes in Long Island and Albany, NY metros. In the city of San Francisco, only 26% of homes are still for sale after two months – homes are selling that fast!


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