Jeny Smith | Testimonials
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I learned (from my real estate transaction) that it’s complex but Jeny made it easy and manageable for me! She is on the top of my list for referrals, I would describe her as knowledable, helpful, patient, and walked me through all the details. Jeny is friendly, smart, knows the industry well and was always responsive and reachable.

— First-time Home Buyer

Jeny is fantastic. Not only is she incredibly bright, she is also a dream to work with.

— Elliott E.

super friendly, helpful, responsive, and dialed in.

— Home Buyer

Jeny was very patient with me as I was a first time home buyer and always answered all of my questions…I was very picky because I knew exactly what I wanted but the whole time she remained optimistic that I would find the home of my dreams, which we did. Now I have a home that has everything I could have possibly asked for and I love it!

— Home Buyer

When I met Jeny through a mutual friend I appreciated how personable she is and we got off to a great start. We went out to see properties and she quickly understood what I was looking for. She did the leg work with me and for me, taking me to open houses as well as helping me to compile lists of places to see on my own. Through her time and effort I came to know that she was committed to helping me. And there was certainly a lot of time involved.She was always absolutely committed to finding the right property, not just any property. There were numerous occasions where she recommended against properties in which I expressed interest because she felt they weren’t right for me.Once we found the property I would ultimately buy, Jeny again proved her worth during the closing process. Not only was she fast and efficient with the paperwork but she helped calm my nerves during, what for anybody is, a large financial commitment. She also has terrific resources for after the purchase.I don’t think you can find better help and representation than Jeny.

— Will W.

Jeny is incredibly passionate about what she does and that shows through the attention she gives her clients. She also the most amazing attitude. She is very optimistic and at the same time has a very soothing nature about her.

— Erika S.